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Turned, Ground & Polished

Grinding can be added to turned & polished or cold drawn bars in sizes from 1/2″ to 7″ diameter and from 8’3″ to 45′, depending on the diameter.

  • Take slow moving inventory and turn it to sizes that will accommodate current needs.
  • The turned, cold drawn or ground bar ensures superior finish, high level of concentricity, tight size tolerance, and optimum straightness.
  • Typical ground finishes range from 12 to 32 micro (various finishes available on inquiry).
  • When grinding is combined with cold drawing or turning & polishing, you achieve all the benefits of all processes.
  • The value of your material can be increased by removing surface defects such as seams, scabs, slivers, and decarb while holding tight O.D. tolerances.
  • Turn your old inventory into new sizes. The turned & polished bar ensures a superior finish, a high level of concentricity, a defect free surface, a tight size tolerance, and optimum straightness, which will accommodate grinding in long lengths.
  • Hot roll bars are pre-straightened as needed before turning, which ensures a uniform removal of stock. When turning is combined with cold drawing, you achieve all the benefits of both. Get high quality turned product.

With such a wide variety of choices available to our manufacturing engineers, your products can be produced in the best possible manner, saving precious time and reducing critical cost.

We can manufacture to these specifications on our CNC Turning machines:

  • Diameters from .125″ to 6.0″
  • Tolerances to .00020″
  • Lengths to 4′
  • Finishes to 3 Ra