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Turned, Ground and Polished Precision Shafting is used over cold roll or hot roll when higher dimensional accuracy and straightness in the production of shafts are required. This high degree of straightness is so important in high-speed shafting applications, as it serves to prevent vibration and wear on packings and bearings. Turned Ground & Polised (TG&P) is used crankshafts, high-speed motor shafts, axle shafts, pup shafts, etc. Turned Ground & Polised (TG&P) can be used where greater strength is required than can be obtained from the lower carbon steels. It responds to heat treatment, and a wide range of properties can be obtained.

Forte Precision Metals stock many Turned Ground & Polised (TG&P) sizes in Carbon (1045) and Alloy (4140 HT). Stock items are produced to bearing tolerances or ± .0001” under nominal sizes. Typical stock lengths are 24’ but we also carry 12’ lengths in the most popular sizes.