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Electralloy is an industrial chrome plating layer deposed in a microscopically thin coating from 0.000025″ to 0.0005″ in depth, a density which will not materially change the micro inch value of the base metal. The chrome electroplating process produces an exceptional hardness and a high level of surface consistency, providing a coefficient of friction 40% lower than lubricated steel (.12 to .13 vs, steel at .20). The result is a marked reduction in abrasion, erosion, adhesive wear, scuffing or galling, scoring and seizing.

As an added bonus, hard chrome or industrial chrome plated parts are far more corrosion resistant than standard chrome plated parts. The surface inconsistencies that are a by-product of standard plating do not occur with the dense chromium composition and microscopic thickness of Electralloy coating. This attribute offers significant cost savings by allowing the substitution of low cost base metal for expensive corrosion resistant steels. Electralloy maintains its anti-corrosion protection across a wide temperature range, yielding consistent friction reduction without degradation by extreme heat or cold.

Some components which benefit from plating with Hard Chrome are:-

  • Pump Shafts & Rotors
  • Hydraulic Rams & Cylinders
  • Print Rollers
  • Gear Shafts
  • Seal Paths
  • Motorcycle Forks
  • Hopper Plates
  • Packaging Formers
  • Wear Rails & Rods