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Forte Precision Metals can handle just about all your bar grinding requirements. We understand what you expect in bar grinding, straightening & all types of materials either drop shipped from you or supplied by Advance Grinding Services form our raw material inventory.

Forte Precision Metals provides thru-feed bar grinding services for bar material and round components supplied by the customer. Using the thru-feed centerless grinding methods, we specialize in grinding your machined components to exceptionally close tolerances. Our processing capabilities make us a perfect solution for finishing your spools, valves, medical instruments and other critical components. In addition, having a value stream dedicated to grinding customer supplied materials and components ensure quick turnaround time.

  • From .0.03125” diameter up to 7” diameter
  • Bars as long as 40’
  • Tolerances as tight as± .0001”
  • Finishes to 8Ra; better on some materials
  • Aluminum, steel, exotic metals and plastic
  • Straightening to .003” per foot on most materials
  • We supply screw machine and pump shaft quality material