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Precision ends are often the solution to many nagging problems associated with processing straight-length bar and tube. Fewer machine delays, hang-ups, collet damage and better material utilization are just a few of the problems chamfered ends can resolve. Forte Precision Metals utilizes a number of chamfer/cutoff machines to provide precision square ends with a full machine chamfer if desired.

Forte Precision Metals can provide the chamfer process to customer according to customer’s request in chamfer, angle. We use chamfer machine and lathe in chamfer/ rounding chamfer process.

Chamfer or bevel the inside and outside and face tubular products. Materials processed have been carbon, stainless steels, and zirconium. The maximum capacity machine built to date for tubing is for beveling 8 inch diameter stainless steel tubing to produce weld bevels on wall thicknesses up to ¾”.

  • Pump Shafts & Rotors
  • Hydraulic Rams & Cylinders
  • Print Rollers
  • Gear Shafts
  • Seal Paths
  • Motorcycle Forks
  • Hopper Plates
  • Packaging Formers
  • Wear Rails & Rods