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Nickel Alloy 400 and Monel 400, also known as UNS N04400, is a ductile, nickel-copper based alloy comprised essentially of two-thirds nickel and one third copper. Nickel Alloy 400 is known for resistance to a variety of corrosive conditions, including alkalies (or acid like substances), saltwater, hydrofluoric acid and sulfuric acid. Other advantages of using this alloy are its toughness and high strength over a broad temperature range; it can also be manipulated to become magnetic if desired.

Products partially or completely constructed of 400 include:

  • Electronic and electrical components
  • Fresh water and gasoline tanks
  • Heat exchangers

Forte Precision Metals also specialize in offering custom size Monel 400 / K-500 grade fasteners including hex cap screws / hex bolts, nuts, washers, socket head cap screws, all thread rod and stud bolts.