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Custom 450 stainless round bars are martensitic age-hardenable stainless steel which exhibits very good corrosion resistance (similar to that of Stainless Type 304) with moderate strength (similar to that of Stainless Type 410). The alloy has a yield strength somewhat greater than 100 ksi (689 MPa) in the annealed condition, but is easily fabricated. A single-step aging treatment develops higher strength with Custom 450 Mechanical properties,Our production completely according to the Custom 450 standards to meet the Custom 450 mechanical performance, can also according to the customer request, to meet the requirements of customers of Custom 450 mechanical properties.

Forte PrecisionMetals Stock Custom 450 stainless round bars which can be machined, hot-worked, and cold-formed in the same manner as other martensitic age-hardenable stainless steels. A particular advantage is ease of welding and brazing.

Custom 450 stainless round bars are generally supplied in the annealed condition, requiring no heat treatment by the user for many applications. Because it has corrosion resistance like Type 304 stainless but three times the yield strength, it has been used in applications where Type 304 was not strong enough. On the other hand, it has also replaced Type 410 stainless directly on a strength basis where Type 410 had insufficient corrosion resistance. Mechanical properties will depend on the aging temperature selected.