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A steel to which modest amounts one or more alloying elements other than carbon, such as Cr, Ni, or Mn have been added. Alloy steels are workhorses of industry because of their economical cost, wide availability, ease of processing, and good mechanical properties. Alloy steels are generally more responsive to heat and mechanical treatments than carbon steels.

The benefits of alloy steel include its tensile strength, yield strength, fatigue resistance, toughness, and wear resistance. Forte Precision Metals offers a broad array of alloys and product forms in aircraft, commercial, bearing, and VAR qualities including bar, plate, sheet, and tube.

Forte Precision Metals, can supply Alloy Round bars in the proper grade, ASTM standard and quantity to meet your all of your requirements.

  • 4140
  • 41L40
  • 8620

4140 Alloy Steel Round Bar is noted for its toughness, good torsional strength and good fatigue strength. Machinability of this alloy is good in the annealed condition. In the heat treated and quenched condition machining is best limited to finish grinding. The 4140 that we offer for sale here on our website is in the Cold Drawn Annealed condition. We can also provide this product in a Normalized or Heat Treated state.

8620 steel is a general nickel-molybdenum alloy steel as per AISI/ASTM American standard.It is a hardenable chromium, molybdenum, nickel low alloy steel often used for carburizing to develop a case-hardened part. This case-hardening will result in good wear characteristics.

1.Chemical Composition
Carbon:0.18/0.23; Silicon:0.15/0.35; Manganese:0.70/0.90;
Chromium:0.40/0.60; Molybdenum:0.15/0.25; Nickel:0.40/0.70;
Phosphorus:max0.035; Sulphur:max0.040;
Forte Precision Metals Stock many different Alloy Steel grades including 4140, 41L40 & 8620.