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Forte Precision Metals, provides high-tech, high-performance components for the aerospace market. Tungsten alloys enable the physical size of components to be reduced, offering greater aircraft balance/ballast weight distribution. Machineable high-density tungsten alloys offer unmatched stabilization properties. These anti-vibration metals provide vibration dampening capabilities, making them the perfect choice for such applications as helicopter blades, aircraft ballast weights, missile components, and more.

Both government agencies and the private industry sector rely on quality aerospace components. With high-density materials, aircraft balance weight can be achieved in tight spaces.

  • Propellers
  • Inertial systems
  • Fluid control systems
  • Bucking bars
  • Trim weights
  • Aircrafts balance weights
  • Aircraft ballast weights
  • Anti-vibration metals
  • Helicopter Blade Weights
  • Instrumentation components
  • Missile components
  • Vibration dampening components
  • Ordnance
  • Airplane Rudders
  • Prototype models

Precision. Balance. Stabilization. Forte Precision Metals understands the critical nature of manufacturing and supplying such aerospace components as aircraft balance weights, helicopter rotor blades, anti-vibration metal components, and aircraft ballast weights. Tight tolerances, precision manufacturing and consistent quality are essential on every part. We work closely with our customers to ensure that each order is delivered to exact specifications.

From attaining raw materials to delivering the finest quality parts, our processes ensure consistency and control. Our parts and processes fully comply with Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS Compliant).

But, meeting standards is only the beginning of our quality control processes. We have established quality checks in place, measuring material properties and dimensions through coordinate measuring, tensile testing, optical comparison, conductivity testing and chemical.