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11L17 is a resulphurized steel with good machinability and surface finish. The product is made much the same way as 12L14 where the lead does not alloy with the steel. Lead is retained in its elemental state and is dispersed within the steel’s structure allowing chips to break off easier during machining.

C1117 is a low-carbon, high manganese steel with high mechanical properties and high machinability. 1117 is best suited for machined parts that must subsequently be case carburized. In addition to good surface hardness, the carburized part retains a ductile core. 1117 is ideal for use in the manufacture of parts subject to shock or vibrating stresses. 1117 is available as a leaded steel (11L17) in certain sizes. The addition of .15/.35 per cent lead improves free-machining characters without sacrificing carburizing properties.

Forte Precision Metals Stock 1117 ground bars which has a machinability rating at 91% of B1112. Average cutting speed 150 ft/min. 11L17 will machine at approximately 170 surface feet per minute. 1117 is not readily welded due to high sulphur content. Because of the addition of lead in 11L17, its weldability is also poor.