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We are unique in that we can do both grinding and machining along with other related services. We are exploring new opportunities with our existing customers, and our team of experts is still discovering new industries we can serve. We have demonstrated our willingness to better serve our customers by investing in new processes. For example, we established our induction line and recently certified our quality systems to ISO 9001 standards.

Quality Control

  • In every department at Forte Precision Metals, quality is more than a word. It’s the last word in everything we do. We know that when our quality goes in, it helps your quality stand out. A complete quality process is in place, from the point raw materials are received to the finished parts that are delivered.
  • Our comprehensive program is guided by ISO 9001 quality standards that are recognized and respected around the world. In fact many of the practices and procedures established by these standards were in place at Arrow Grinding long before ISO 9001 was even heard of.
  • We encourage team efforts to continuously improve quality in products and customer service. And continuing investments in equipment and technology strengthen our quality commitment for the future. We utilize the latest inspection equipment from coordinate measuring machines, with Optical Video Probe to profilometers and laser micrometers.

On Time

  • Forte Precision Metals, we recognize the demands our customers face with regard to compressed lead times.
  • We realize that a large component to the value of our Products and Services offering is a short lead time. To address this need, we have added “over lapping” capacity to each of our locations and 8 million lbs. of inventory to make certain we have product available.
  • In most cases, we offer 5 to 7 day lead times on ground only products. Once we make a delivery commitment, our team makes every effort to make certain we keep it. Delivery Performance is one of the primary metrics which drive our team.


  • We strive always to be efficient, reliable and competitive, recognizing that our future depends on the quality of our products and the service given to our customers. We aim to provide excellent customer service and establish mutually profitable long-term relationships with our customers.
  • Our highly skilled team always endeavors to meet the criteria you require. They are all aware of the importance of holding tight tolerances and working with multiple concentric diameters. Our flexibility and versatility enables the Company to offer a high standard of workmanship to industries as diverse as mining, oil production, power stations and car manufacturing etc.
  • We back our pledge of consistence and reliability with our Inspection department. This ensures that our Standard Quality and Rolls Royce Approval is always maintained.